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Latest news: We've moved back to California, and it's entering summer, so we're planning our summer vacations.

What is this website for?

First, it's for me to dork around with web stuff, in my spare time, and to test out some of the cool tools I have access to. However, do not consider this a good use of Adobe tools! I'm an engineer, not a designer, and most of my experiments will not be for public eyes.

Second, I intend this as a repository for useful ideas and best practices. See the sidebar on the right for links to them.

Here is a link to our Adventure Hamburg family blog, from June 2007 to now. It's private, so e-mail me for the password.

Here's a link to Christopher's recent school project on the California Missions. Yes, California's 4th graders will always do the Missions!

Finally, here are some bigger photo galleries than I could post through the mail or on the blog.

Dave & Family